Food Ingredients First has published an exciting article about CLICK4MORE.
24 Oct 2023 --- Private label manufacturer BeverageScouts won an innovation award for its Click4More shots at this year's Anuga trade show. Available in three categories (Health, Energy and Party), these bottles allow for freshly mixed drinks by pressing the bottle's cap to release micronutrients and plant extracts in the water.

Food Ingredients First discusses the new concept and potential future developments with Michael Heinzl, managing director of the company.

"Everything you usually buy is already mixed for quite some time,” says Heinzl. For example, classic energy drinks or health shots are mixed, filled, and stored on a shelf for months.

"The big advantage of our concept is that the functional ingredients are stored dry in the product, which means there is no degradation over time,” he explains. "You activate ingredients by clicking and freshly mixing the drink yourself, which is good for the flavor and quality of functional ingredients and provides a user experience.”

"Another advantage of this concept is that we don't have to use preservatives or stabilizers because the ingredients are dry. That means that we have very clean ingredient lists containing only essential ingredients, especially in the health family.”

All products come in 85 ml bottles with a cap that contains 5.5 g of active ingredients.